Beecher’s Cheese mobile ordering app

My role
Visual Designer, Art Direction, UX
tools used
Sketch, Indesign, Invision
6 weeks


Quickly release V1 to the market, starting with the SeaTac airport and later rolling out to all three locations.

Design solutions need to let customers clearly understand what location they are placing their order at, dynamically populate wait times, provide a quick pathway to reorder of past orders, and account creation at the appropriate time.


Design a mobile ordering app for iOS and Android, with the overall project budget and scope in mind. The app needed to include their existing Micros POS and have a custom CMS solution in order to pull in menu updates. Prior to me joining the project, a competitive analysis had been done and the information architecture was in place.


Tightly scoped timeline and budget that needed to use standard components to cut back on project time.

Early project phase

During the early phase of the project, I assisted in stakeholder interviews which helped us get a deeper understanding of the needs of the clients and customers. Once I had a better grasp of their existing branding, I designed mood boards to pitch to the clients for initial visual tone and photography direction. I also collaborated on early whiteboard concepting, layout decisions, design decisions, stakeholder interviews, and user testing.

Building the final product

My focus then landed with the team that designed the layout and functionality of the app where I assisted with the iOS prototype and designs for Android. Although low fidelity user testing had already been completed prior to my joining the project, I was excited to assist with high fidelity task based scenario testing at the Sea-Tac Airport location. We rated user feedback on a scale of low, medium and high, which enabled us to take away several actionable insights that kept us focused on error prevention and user flexibility.