PH Tech Internal app

my role
Production designer, tester
tools used
Illustrator, Trello, Slack
3 weeks


Quickly onboard to become a contributing member of the team in order to meet deadlines.


The desktop app was originally built 10 years ago and was in need of a style and functionality updates. The app is a Community Portal that allows office administration to communicate with insurance providers. This tool is used to manage member profiles, process claims, conduct eligibility checks, submit referrals and prior authorizations.

Prior to my arrival on the team there had been extensive UX research, including user profiles, journey maps and iterative user testing throughout the project. This analysis gave the team insights for small changes and large redesigns of multiple user scenarios.

Jumping in

I started working on the team towards the end of this project and jumped in to help with design and finding bugs. I designed layouts following branded examples, created redlines, and communicated on actionable solutions with the development team. I worked on updating a complicated style guide, which included inspecting code and making suggestions for merging and consolidating brand standards.